Monday, November 16, 2009


Yello World!

Yup, I said "yello." I am a hispanic. Anyways... the exercising not going so well, but i've been getting in some good numbers walking. I got a new pedometer and I'm almost averaging 10k a day! Hubby has let us stop at wal-mart for a few strolls around the store... Today we went to the mall and at the end of the day I got the closest I ever had to 10k steps!

I'm hoping that I can reach 10k in the next few weeks.

I've set a small goal for myself to lose 5lbs by next week! Ahhh, not sure if I can do that, but I've been cooking for myself at home. I'm thinking if I can just get some sit-ups a bit more of exercises this week I might make it.