Tuesday, May 3, 2011

bamboopink by JudeFrances

Did you hear that I became a consultant?! (((Sorry about not posting in a while))) With that news here is my site where you can order I also have my first party going on right now. If you make an order I will be sending you a special thank you gift! At checkout just enter party #361!

Also I will be holding comment games every night at my Bamboopink Fan Page and I also have a giveaway for a piece of bamboopink jewelry! If you book your party before Mother's Day you are entered to win a Limited Edition Mother's Day Pendant from me! You can just email me at vetsmom_rgv

There is so many pieces that are yet to be added so keep a look out! My favorite piece so far is the Pave ring! So beautiful and well made to!

Let me know if you'd also like to be on my team! I will be having an opportunity meeting this Saturday at 11am CST. Message me or email me to get the phone number!