Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th...

Great day for the U.S.A.! Independance day... When I was younger I would get the 4th confused with New Years! lol I don't know why. I thought New Years was on the 4th and vice versa. But now I got it all straightened out!

Well, in Texas, south Texas that is, we love to buy & pop our own fireworks. We call them "quetes!" And there are firework stands at almost every corner. They are illegal to pop within city limits, but many families do it anyways. We are out of the city, so we usually buy about $40 worth and enjoy the evening, or we'll go to grandmas house for a cook-out. When I was younger I also associated the holidays with someone getting hurt or fighting, lol. It was so much fun when I look back now. We had people fall off the roof, burn a finger (of course), break an arm, fall of a chair and so much fun with water-balloons! LOL

However you celebrate it, I hope you make some good memories and just relax and don't rush the day! Take it all in & keep America clean too, please!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guest Post ~ Women in a Different Light

SAG Awards
Written by my friend Constance Hayden

I think that one of the most incredible shows to watch on satellite television, that I got after seeing this, is the Screen Actors Guild Award ceremony. I love to watch this show and get a taste for which new celebrities are up and coming. There are so many young actresses and actors that are invited to this show every year and make an appearance. It is always fun to watch these young actresses and actors, to see which ones end up winning awards or end up having the best outfits at the SAG awards show.

I love to watch this show every year, with a group of my closest friends. We are all quite interested in fashion, as well as the world of celebrities. This show is our opportunity to predict which celebrities are going to become popular in the future. I have usually been right in the celebs that I have chosen as the most likely to be successful from the SAG awards show. The young actresses that I pick out from the crowd usually go on to star in the most hilarious romantic comedies of the year. I must admit that I have a talent for being able to pick out which actors and actresses will enjoy success in the film industry.

Overall, the SAG awards show is different form other shows, and because of this, offers quite a different perspective.