Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weigh-In - 12/3
Yup... finally doing a weigh in. I haven't seen what my weight was before but about 30 seconds ago I weighed myself and the scale said 185.0. I don't think that's that bad. Before Thanksgiving I had gotten up to 189! Yikes. That shocked me into working out in the mornings after breakfast and before the baby woke up. I had been doing pretty good with walking (at Wal-Mart). I would do about 2 1/2 plus the shopping around the store. I've been eating small portions. I've been cooking at home. You can go HERE to see my menu for the week, just look for Menu Plan Mondays. And... when we do go out to eat I usually have a coupon, so we get the small meal so we can save the most money and usually when I have a coupon for a FREE burger (BurgerKing) it's for a free Jr. buger, so it's already small. I ask them to replace the mayo with ketchup or sometimes mustard and if they don't charge extra, I ask for extra veggies. Oh, and if you ask them to put the veggies on the side SOMETIMES they will give you a whole salad, usually a side salad, but it's more veggies than they put on the burger.
All I have to aim for this holiday season is to not eat too many sweets. Hubby has been getting in the mood for sweets, usually cookies, and he'll drive all the way into town (only like 8 minutes) to get a pack of cookies! But he always drinks a glass of milk with that, so not too bad, right?
Anywho, take care during this holiday season....