Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Help me!

Help me choose a wedding date!

My hubs and I are married civilly, but it has been my dream to have a traditional catholic wedding! So.... I am totally lost on the dates. Originally hubs & I wanted it to be on the same day as our civil wedding date, January 23rd. But the next day it lands on a friday is more than two years away! Then we have July 27th, our first date. And finally September 5th (in 2012 it's on a Friday). Those are the days we were looking at.

Recently I also was thinking about the day my father past away, December 27th (2013 it falls on a Friday). I know that's kinda sad. But that would be the day I would feel closest to my dad and I so wanted him to walk me down the isle and every year on this day we have a party anyways.

Please give me your input!

Speaking of wedding. Along with this "Gaining & Losing" blog... I will be transitioning it to "Losing & Gaining - to-do for the I-do day!" I also need help with a new name. So I will be blogging my wieght loss, my wedding ideas, crafts and everything else wedding. I will be talking about my themed ideas soon.

I will also definitely be needing new readers for additional opinions. Comments, good & bad are welcomed!!!