Thursday, March 3, 2011

Out of the Box

I love to be different, I love to do new things and that's what I want at our wedding as well. As I've been telling everyone about my theme and what I want it to be like I get lots of odd looks, like, "That's different." Good, I say! lol I was going through some wedding blogs and I ran across Kimberly on Facebook. She was talking about a wedding she had just attended, she lives in South Korea. To live in any other country than your own is amazing. So I asked her if it was okay to share some photos and her post about it and she was more than happy to share with ya'll. I love the traditional dresses but I also want it to look chic and put together... What do you think?

A Korean wedding is very modern from the very long, flowing white dress to the basic ceremony of prayer and well wishes. However, there is a lot of cultural and traditional elements that occur on this special day. Before going into the details of the wedding, first you need to know that when a female is married, she keeps her last name. When she has children though, they will carry the husband's last name. Her name is also moved to his family tree. The name is written in black like the rest of the names. If a Korean passes away, their name is written in red. This is one of the reasons you should never write a Korean's name in red since it's saying that they should have an early death (this is actually based on a Chinese tradition).

Like any wedding day, family members come to celebrate the joining of the happy couple. Many Koreans will have their wedding usually in their hometowns to have less traveling for their families. Hardly any of them run off and do a "Vegas style" wedding because of their respect for tradition............. READ MORE of Kimberly's experience and a cool video too!!