Sunday, September 2, 2012


I'M BACK! So yeah, I had my baby and I'm now 5 weeks post-partum. You can get up-to-date by checking out my main blog HERE. We are doing great and I'm ready to get this party started!


Yeah, it's September 2nd (I'm one day late)! That means it's the start of Shay-tember/ShayLoss! I just finished VEDA and now I have something new to keep me going. What is Shaytember? Well, it's hosted by ShayCarl of Shaytards, a Youtube Vlogger, you can check out this video to see "Day 1" video that he did.

So basically you set a goal or two or three that you want to complete by the end of September or like 30 daily goals, whatever you'd like. Here is my video where I tell you my goals. I hope to do weekly updates and hopefully complete the goals I have set to be HEALTHY for myself and my family.

So I'm going to call my 30-day challenge Mami-Loss! Wish me luck!

I will be keeping a journal, so if ya'll just had a baby or want to join in Shay-tember, let me know! I haven't posted in a long while because I couldn't "lose" weight while pregnant, but now that she's here, I can start up again and Shay-tember is a great way to start, I think.

I'd love you to find others who are participating so let me know and you can subscribe to me on youtube to get some encouragement or inspiration and I'll subscribe to your channel as well.