Sunday, January 27, 2013

Slim by the Summer #2 - It Works for Me


I found an awesome linky to help me and anyone else who is interested in joining in. Just head on over to Raising Reagan to join in the fun! Each week there's a theme, I love themes! CLICK HERE!

So this week's theme is FITNESS ROUTINES! I think this is a great one cus  you can see all the different things we're doing to help in our weight loss. 

I got a pretty good routine and have been doing it for the past few weeks and it works pretty good. I'm a stay-at-home mom and can't really do it at the same time everyday, but when i have some free time or make some free time, I do it.

First thing in the morning I put on my pedometer. I use a cheap one that I got for free in the mail from Nature's Bounty. 

Then in the early afternoon I do the the BeFitin90 Workout for the day, you can check it out HERE. I'm on day 12!

Of course, then it's my chores and making lunch. By the time I'm done with that it's time to go pick up my oldest daughter from school.

Sometime between then and after dinner I get in some extra exercising from the Wii. I switch it up daily between Just Dance and Zumba. 

I have also been giving myself weekly challenges and I post updates on my Youtube Channel. You can check it out HERE. So be sure to check out my channel tomorrow to see how this week went and what my new challenge will be. Feel free to join me if you have a channel or not or make up your own challenge. I love challenges, they keep me motivated! Watch me work-out... I'm doing some of the BeFit exercises in the video I posted on my Channel. You can skip to the end....

Oh and since Jan 1st, I've been giving myself weekly challenges that has to do with weight loss or being healthy. I am vlogging about that. And you can see Resolution Update #5, where I talk about Slim by the Summer, HERE.


And that is pretty much it! There are days in the BeFitin90 workout that is a rest-day and that's when I just do some random workouts or some dancing with the Wii again or take my girls to the park. I'm also a couponer and every Wednesday morning I go to our local grocery store (HEB) to scope out the deals for the week and such. The store isn't that big, but I do make it a goal to walk around the store, or go across the street to the city park to do some walking.

January  28 Stats:
Beginning Weight (January 2013): 186
Prepreganancy (2004): 135
Postpartum (3rd Baby, August 2012): 172
Goal Weight: 135

Last week: (Jan 1/22): 182.8
Current Weight:181.2 (Monday, but don't officially weigh in till Tuesday

Wooowhooo, down 4.8lbs for the year!


SpiritedLife said...

I like your accountability by listing your weight. Very honest. If I make it past this hurdle, I'll post mine, but I've struggled to get past a certain point for a long while.

April @ 100lb Countdown

Raising Reagan said...

Awesome job Cinella! You are rocking that Zumba and Just Dance on the wii.. I just dusted off my Wii (literally) and heading to amazon to purchase those two workouts. I think it would be fun for Reagan and I to do together in the afternoons too. She loves to dance!!

Great first week!


Misty Marie said...

Great plans and great progress!!!!!

Amy @Consider Me Inspired said...

I like that you are challenging yourself. We used to have a Wii...: (. We replaced it with a PS3. I would love to do the wii dancing and stuff, because I feel like I could learn some coordination. I love how you have all the HERE links. Fully informed. Thanks for stopping by and cheering me on as well. : )

Camille said...

Sounds like you're doing great so far!! :) I will have to check out the workout Be Fit in 90.