Monday, January 31, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

And I feel like I'm making them all by myself! lol. But how many husbands are actually interested in helping plan the wedding. All they know is that they really really like this girl and want to have her babies, lol. I want him to come with me next weekend to start choosing our wedding registry items. It won't be a lot, it will just be what we need. But he won't care if I decide to scan a Sausage Stuffer! But he does surprise me sometimes... The other day I was at our local consignment store and I was going to buy a beautiful (vintage, I think) glass pitcher. It has the older style painted design on it. And Hubs actually stopped me and was like we have like a billion pitchers at home. I was like yeah, but they're old and probably leak in bpa. He pays attention at the weirdest times. Blah! Anywho...

So, with all the decisions I've been making, this past weekend I went for a jog. I just took in the scenery and now I want to drive around and take a look at all the local parks! I mean there was a lot of people at the park that I was at... thinking... and was like like can I ask these people to leave during my wedding? Lol. There was lots of hot sweaty men playing soccer. Which, come to think of it, wouldn't be a bad photo opp, right?!

So I'm still having trouble picking a venue! I so want to pick one before we make our "Save the Date" video that we won...