Sunday, January 30, 2011


Don't know when the last time I weight myself... but I'm down almost 5 lbs!! **Happy Dance**

I haven't been exercising as much as I like, but I have been eating pretty good. Yesterday Hubs took me to a buffet, which I really don't like going to, but it was FREE cus it was my birthday, so I had no objections. I had a salad plate, no dressing (lemon & pepper) and then a plate of... i can't remember. I didn't like the fact that there wasn't much vegetables! Ahhh, I really 'dislike' that!

Anyways.... so, just got to pick up the exercise and I should be good.

Okay... wedding input needed. I finished wedding *first dance* song. I want it to be our first dance, but I also want to say "hell & goodbye" to my daddy and my hubs daddy. We both lost them recently (2005/2009). These were really low times for both of us and we miss them dearly. So both our dads loved music. My dad was a musican as well. He loved the beatles and music with meaning and a great beat! So I was looking for beatles "Love songs." But their loves songs are really lovely, lol. Then I stumbled across this one! Ohhh, I hope this is the one.... My daughter was 16 months when my dad past and my mom got or found a cute chim that you can play "All You Need Is Love" on it... she'd walk around the house humming and singing this song!

Other than this one... Thinking of Barbra & Bryan! "I Finally Found Someone!" I would listen to this song when I was younger thinking of boys! lol