Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome New followers!

Hi, ya'll.... hasn't ABE been fantastic! I haven't entered all the giveaways but plan to!

Well, I thought I'd take the time to welcome all my new followers. I really hope to gain some experienced (haha) women who have been married before. Also those who are great inspiration maybe even competition in looking their best at their wedding!

We are already married civilly but along with tradition, and ME, I've always and have been waiting to get married through the church, the church I grew up going to. Finally we have just gone a head and set a date, ready or not here we come!

Our wedding Date is July 28, 2012. Our first date was on July 28, 2003!
Our theme is Asian Chic. My hubs loves anime and I love the simple yet elegant look of their culture and my girls (I have two daughters, 6 & about to be 2!), love chinese food! We also plan (and it would be a dream if we could go to China or Japan for our honeymoon) to visit some time after we retire.

Anyways... I also plan to have a green wedding. My family (my aunts) have agreed to help me make the decorations and I want all the food to be bought locally as any flowers (but I plan on using as little as possible) that we may use.

I won't name names, but I'm going to be getting my wedding dress and accessories for FREE from two dear friends (maybe one should be my maid of honor!). And as you can see in the previous post I won my save the date video! Any suggestions on that?!

I think our colors will be crimson & creme. Although I don't know what other items to use, I'd like to incorporate the usual wedding symbols for luck and love, but was also thinking of faith hope and love. I also really don't want to use the traditional lanterns, but rather making fabric pom-poms.

Well, take a look at these pics: (found via Google Search)

These pom poms were hand-made for an Asian themed wedding (look at the hanging lanterns in the background!) using Chinese newspapers and took 6 hours to make each one!

These are adorable! I think we can make these... what do you think?
Again, not sure if I want to have these, but I want to use the symbols or letters, whatever they're called, :p
Love that the candles are hanging from the branches!
I think these were glass, which is a good idea, maybe just as decorations at the "sing-in table?"


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great ideas love them.... and all that stuff looks so cute!! We hope to renew our vows in the next couple yrs ourselves cause we got married at the magistrates office in 2000