Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well, this morning I went for a 10 minute walk. Yes, I know, just 10 minutes. But I didn't wake up when I wanted to. I had to be back in 15 to feed the baby. Anywho... I also got in my first YOGA SESSION! The dog ate half my yoga mat, so I only did it on a towel! And we have hardfloors, so it wasn't so nice on my back. So, hopefully today I'll have time to go buy a mat. I'm also planning to go walking later today.
I've also been having breakfast a couple days a week. And during the day I'm not doing so bad either. Had pizza the other day, but I also had and finished a salad, with little dressing. This morning I just had a sandwhich and water, I'm trying to do better.
Off to wash dishes....


Mama Bear June said...

I've heard that 3 10 minute walks are just as good as one long one. Saw your comment on another blog and wanted to let you know that quite a few of the Eat This, Not That lists are free on the Men's Health or Women's Health websites. I frequently post the links on my blog. :-)
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