Monday, April 27, 2009

Up 2!

Well, I guess my diet isn't enough now. I gained 2 lbs! I freaked out this morning when I weight myself. I couldn't believe it. So this morning I did dishes while doing some leg lifts. I think i did like 50! I lost count after 30. Then I had a job to do and I did about 15 min. of walking for that. We went to eat at a pizza place and I had one slice of veggie pizza plus a whole salad with lite salad dressing and tea with Splenda.
And tomorrow should be even better because we have nothing planned so I can have more control of what I eat and I'm going to do my first exercising tomorrow.
I plan on starting with a good breakfast and then I'm going to take the dog a bath and take her for walk! Not sure if I should take the baby. If she falls asleep after her early morning feeding then I'll leave her. Where we live there aren't any sidewalke so the road may be bumpy for her in her stroller. The dog, Dezi, will be happy to get out of the house. She's been stuck in the backyard for about 3 months now. Poor puppy!

Wish me luck.


Unknown said...

Hey, just saw you were on blogger too so added ya here. I post on my blogger almost daily also and try to remember to post over at the Cafemom too but tend to forget. Anywho, I saw your post here where you were doing leg lifts while doing dishes... I do lunges, squats, side bends etc. all while getting dressed for work...usually while drying my hair. Whatever we can do to fit in some stretching is GREAT! Way to go on the leg lifts... Keep up the great work. Lisa