Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Slim Me Down Weekly Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1

I have been wanting to join a "challenge" for a while. About three years ago I did and I loved it. I've been wanting to go back, but the price has gone up. I loved all the challneges and I even won a few and got a few months FREE for winning. It was such motivation. At that time I was losing weight so that we could have baby #2 and it worked! After losing 20lbs the following month we became pregnant! 
About a year ago I joined CafeMom and has a great support team, but the support just faded away. I still post, but there's no activity, so no challenge, and I love to be challenged.

So, I just finally chose to link up with LWT Lebedas & MFT for their weekly challenge, "Slim Me Down..." I have been tracking for a few weeks so I'm putting in those numbers... Without further adieu here are my numbers
Starting Weight: 189.6 (my highest)
Last Weeks Weight: 182.8
Current Weight: 183.2
Gain/Loss for the Week (+/-): +0.4
Total Gain/Loss: -6.4
First Goal: 180 by March 19th (my daughters birthday!)

Week 1: +0.4
Week 2: _ _

*I'm only putting my weight on here so that i can make myself accountable. It's extremely embarrassing and that helps me want to change the number!*

What I DID:
Monday - Zumba Party
Tuesday - Nothing but house chores
Wednesday - More house chores
Since this was my first week and I started on Wed/Thurs, I'll post again on Sunday night and put what I've done for the remainder of the week.... I need a push!!

What I ATE:
Monday: Breakfast: toast with butter, Lunch: Grilled chicken salad, Dinner: Spaghetti n Meatballs, Snack: String cheese
Tuesday: Breakfast: Nothing, Lunch: Red Beans and Rice 1 piece of cornbread, Dinner: Sandwhich
Wednesday: Breakfast: 2 Bacon n Egg tacos, Lunch: (leftovers) Beef n Bean Tostadas, Dinner: Homemade Chicken Nuggets n mac n cheese! ahhh Snack: almond slivers

((Oh and I'm losing for my wedding!))
This is the dress I want to wear for our rehearsal dinner!
How to Participate:
1. Each week, we'll have a linky where you can link up your post. Tell us your starting weight, last weeks weight, current weight +/-, and goal. Then we'd like to hear about your week - struggles and successes. You do not have to state your actual weight, if not then post you'd like to lose ?? pounds as your starting weight. Be as open and honest as you can! This isn't a place of judgment. We're all here with the same goal in mind, lose weight.

2. Link up your own blog post below. Please use a direct link to your post, not your blog

Make sure you include the Slim Me Down button.

3. Visit others that are linked up and offer support. If they lose weight, congratulate, if they gain encourage. Please NO negative comments. We're all here for support.

Hope you'll link up and join us! It doesn't matter what week we are on ... just jump in and get started!
Looking forward to hearing from you!


Life with the Lebedas said...

A Zumba girl! :D Gotta love it! I'm glad your joining us. We will definitely be your support! I love your inspiration! I've been thinking about finding a dress that I want to wear in hopes that will motivate me. We all have rough weeks - did you see that i had a big gain last week? The great thing is that you get to start all over fresh this week!! Looking forward to reading your progress! :D

daniii♥ said...

Congratulations on your overall weight loss so far! +0.4lbs isn't terrible, so I'm sure you'll burn it off again in no time.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, too! I just got married last July. :)

Feel free to come link this post up on my Thursday weigh in on my blog (Jennifer & I link up on each others every week). :)

Gumdrop Swap said...

You should watch the hilarious videos my best friends and her sis make as they try to lose weight with weight watchers.

Eschelle said...

you'll pimp out that dress!