Monday, February 21, 2011

Slime Me Down Weekly Weight Loss Challenge: Week 2

Week 2 wasn't that much of a disaster, but only cus of those birthday parties... but I did walking and some dancing! It was fun. And this week will be just a busy but only one birthday, yeah!

Starting Weight: 189.6 (my highest)
Last Weeks Weight: 183.2
Current Weight: 184.6
Gain/Loss for the Week (+/-): +1.4
Total Gain/Loss: -5.0
First Goal: 180 by March 19th (my daughters birthday!)

Week 1: +0.4
Week 2: +1.4

*I'm only putting my weight on here so that i can make myself accountable. It's extremely embarrassing and that helps me want to change the number!*

What I DID:

Thursday: Zumba Party & walking at wedding venue!
Friday: Walking @ Wal-Mart with Hubs
Saturday: Birthday party madness!
Sunday: 1 hour of Sing Star & 45 minutes of Sport Champions (PS3)

What I ATE:
Thursday: Breakfast: toast with butter, Lunch: Fruit salad, Dinner: Beef tacos
Friday: Breakfast: Nothing, Lunch: Leftover salad, Dinner: Loaded baked potato!
Saturday: Breakfast: Oatmeal, Lunch: Chicken Salad Sammies n chips, Dinner: Pizza with Pizza!
Sunday: Breakfast: Peanut butter n apples, Lunch: Homemade chicken soup, Dinner: Chicken salad

I want better HAIR!!
I'm always messing with my hair. Right after Eli was born I cut my hair and I loved it... then we were scrapped for cash so I had Hubs cut my bangs, BIG MISTAKE! I've been wanting to get them fixed and a new do. I'm thinking about giving myself a TREAT when I lose 10lbs?!
I wanna focus on eating breakfast and working  out at least 15 minutes a day!! I thought I would have lost at least a pound, better luck next week!


How to Participate:
1. Each week, we'll have a linky where you can link up your post. Tell us your starting weight, last weeks weight, current weight +/-, and goal. Then we'd like to hear about your week - struggles and successes. You do not have to state your actual weight, if not then post you'd like to lose ?? pounds as your starting weight. Be as open and honest as you can! This isn't a place of judgment. We're all here with the same goal in mind, lose weight.

2. Link up your own blog post below. Please use a direct link to your post, not your blog

Make sure you include the Slim Me Down button.

3. Visit others that are linked up and offer support. If they lose weight, congratulate, if they gain encourage. Please NO negative comments. We're all here for support.

Hope you'll link up and join us! It doesn't matter what week we are on ... just jump in and get started!
Looking forward to hearing from you!


daniii♥ said...

I think the 15 minutes of exercise a day will definitely help you. I just took up hula hooping and do it for 2-10 minutes a day at 2 minute intervals. I really suck at it, but I can definitely feel the difference after only 2-3 days of doing it.

For breakfast, I usually go with a slim fast. It's very few calories and gives me a good boost int he mornings.

Life with the Lebedas said...

I think your doing good. Your becoming more active in the long run thats going to help!

Love the hair. I'm constantly cutting mine when it getss too long and then finding myself unhappy so i always vow not to cut it again, lol.

Thanks for joining us!

Eschelle said...

I think a new hair-do is a great idea for your treat!! I'm sure you'll be there in no time!! I also love that hair cut!