Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Insirations!

Ohh, I'm so excited because Hubs and I have an appoitment to go see "La Placita" in Pharr, Tx. It's an indoor patio, which sounds kinda weird and downfall is that it only sits 200. I mean that's not really a downfall, but I don't want people to be squished and both our families are on the bigger side, so we need extra room.

I also wanted to share some pics from last Sundays Super Sunday Bridal Expo! It was held at the prestigious Cimmaron Club. I got a personal invitation to the event... Check it out! Ohh and the best part is.... keep reading!

The Famous Candy Bar! Anyone know popular asian candies? Also... GUESS WHAT?! I won again. This time I won 20% off a local furniture rentals! I forgot the name and it's too cold outside to go get my wedding bag from the car!


Eschelle said...

PERFECT win!!! you are super duper lucky!!